In Oregon, radiologists perform x-ray services to acquire more data about a patient’s condition. The films are used to identify existing conditions that affect the organ systems, bones, and muscles. When the films are taken, the radiologist must identify specific elements of the human body and the x-rays themselves. An online supplier provides Xray Markers for hospitals and medical facilities.

What are the Markers?

Essentially, the x-ray indicators or anatomical side markers are affixed to x-ray films acquired to diagnose patients. The markers are placed on the films to identify the patient and provide a date for when the films were acquired. The markers are also used to point out specific conditions discovered via x-ray that warrant the doctor’s attention.

The radiology staff also uses the markers to identify the radiologist who acquired the x-rays and identify the positioning of the patient’s body when the films were taken. Any procedures that were performed in conjunction with the x-rays are also listed on the markers.

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What are Types of Markers Used by Radiologists?

Lead letters and numbers are the most common among the markers used by radiologists. The markers are manufactured from lead to make them more durable and longer-lasting regardless of how long they have been exposed to radiation. The letters and numbers won’t become discolored or lose their color.

What is the Most Vital Use of the Markers?

Radiologists must use the markers to distinguish the side of the patient’s body. The markers must show the exact side of the body to prevent potential misdiagnosis of the patient’s condition. A failure to use the markers correctly could lead to liabilities not only for the radiologist but also for the doctor.

Legalities Associated with the Markers

If the x-ray markers aren’t positioned correctly on the images, the risk of a medical malpractice lawsuit for the doctor and their chosen radiologist. If the patient isn’t diagnosed improperly and their condition worsens, the doctor and radiologist are liable and could suffer a financial loss due to their failures. Initially, the doctor will become the defendant. However, if the investigation by the hospital board shows a failure by the radiologist, he or she could be deemed at fault.

In Oregon, radiologists are responsible for managing the acquisition of x-rays used to diagnose patients. The films are obtained when other testing options don’t present enough information. Hospitals or medical centers who need to purchase xray markers are encouraged to contact Kemper Medical right now.

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